Chhavi Arora

Special guest

Our guest today has a deep and profound love interest in Data Science.

She’s crafted a few end-to-end Data Science projects in her portfolio and is constantly working on enriching her knowledge in the many aspects of Data Science.

During her undergrad years, she got an opportunity to volunteer for an NGO, where children with special needs performed live for a cultural event.

This experience helped her realize that there are many hardships that people face each day, whether it’s personally or professionally.

This experience also left her feeling that she could find peace if she was in a career that involves making an impact in the lives of the people in her community and beyond.

It was the guidance of her Statistics Professor that led to the discovery of the wonderful world of Data Science and Machine Learning, and the appreciation of the Mathematics which forms the backbone of our art.

She’s earned undergraduate degrees in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science from the St. Francis College for Women and a Masters in Mathematics from Christ University in Bangalore.

She’s continually developed herself via various online courses to become acquainted with the technical concepts of data science and applied them through a few end-to-end open source projects.

Quite fittingly for her personality, she currently employed as a Data Scientist at Achiever’s - a company that leverages the science behind behavior change, so people and organizations can experience sustainable, data-driven business results all over the globe.

Please help me in welcoming our guest today - someone I refer to as my mini-me - Chhavi Arora!

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