Chase Caprio

Special guest

Our guest today believes that cultivating the person you want to become is THE most important journey you can endure.

He graduated college with little to no prospect of who and what he wanted to become. This led him to undergo his own personal path to growth, frantically searching for how he could create the person he knew he would want to become.

He’s currently the Lead Data Analyst for Impact Theory, where he advises and makes data driven decisions for Tom Bilyeu, Impact Theory Comics, Women of Impact, and the Health Theory channels and shows.

He’s also built the back end platform and sales funnel for Impact Theory University - which launched last year.

On top of all of that, he’s leading the culture and building the charge at Impact Theory. Working directly with the Principles organization at Bridgewater Associates, founded by Billionaire Ray Dalio, to test culture-building tools in order to achieve a thriving, honest, and data-driven culture at Impact Theory.

So please help me in welcoming our guest today - a man who lives by the motto “Change your story, change your life” - Chase Caprio!

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