Carlos Mercado

Special guest

Our guest today is a data scientist, economist, and urban studies enthusiast.

He’s a R renegade that loves to use Shiny to automate business processes, create interactive maps, and leverage public data to model urban and health phenomena.

He’s earned a Bachelors in Applied Economics from the University of Central Florida, and a Masters in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University.

Throughout his career he’s had a diverse range of experience including time as a freight broker, a year-long stint teaching English in Korea, and working as a data science freelancer.

He’s currently a Senior Data Scientist at an up and coming global consulting firm, working on the public sector data science consulting side and specializes in the intersections of R Shiny, GIS, ML, NLP, and data visualization.

In his current role he’s focused on product management and leads the technical sales team within the artificial intelligence and intelligent automation group.

So please, help me in welcoming our guest today -an innovator who is always striving to improve processes and bring efficiency to each project that he’s a part of- Carlos Mercado!

Carlos Mercado has been a guest on 11 episodes.