Carl Osipov

Special guest

Our guest today has nearly two decades of information technology experience, spanning roles such as: program manager at Google, an IT executive at IBM, and as an advisor to Fortune 500 companies.

The early part of his career was focused on growing IBM’s cloud business and he was recognized for helping it to reach over 1 million registered users - leading programs and projects across the United States and Europe, including the areas of machine learning, computational natural language processing, and cloud computing.

He’s authored over 20 articles in professional, trade, and academic journals, holds 6 patents at USPTO, and has been awarded 3 corporate awards from IBM for his innovative work.

When he’s not busy writing code, drawing up design specs, publishing things, answering emails or doing other "business" - you can find him brushing up on the latest computer science skills on Coursera, reading and writing about tech, or listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

And if he’s especially bored - he’s up in the sky, flying around Central Florida on a Cessna 172, going surfing, or spending time at the beach.

Today he’s here to talk about his book - which is targeted at teams and individuals who are interested in building a machine learning system implementation efficiently at scale.

So please, help me in welcoming our guest today - author of Serverless Machine Learning in Action - Carl Osipov!

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