Angela Baltes

Special guest

Our guest today is someone who put out some of the best content I’ve seen during her #100DaysOfCode.

She’s got her start in data analysis analyzing crime data in SPSS - yes, SPSS!

Since then she’s found that her passion lies in health informatics - or should I say health informatics found her.

She’s got a tonne of experience in the healthcare industry developing data-driven analytical strategies for companies such as Innovative Oncology Business Solutions, Lovelace Health Systems, RESPEC, and is currently contributing her data science expertise as an Institutional Researcher at the University of New Mexico.

You may know her from LinkedIn where she crafts some insightful posts sharing her story, journey, and data science knowledge - and I respect her tremendously for being completely unafraid to call our industry out on its shortcomings!

So please help me in welcoming our guest today - the soon to be proud holder of a PhD in Biomedical Information - the future Dr. Angela Baltes!

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