Andreas Kretz

Special guest

Our guest today is someone I truly respect and look to as a role model - in fact, he’s the main inspiration behind this very podcast!

He’s a data engineering evangelist based in Germany, who regularly shares data engineering tools, techniques, and skills - often via live videos - that cover topics like the breadth of job options in data science to real-time Apache Spark coding sessions.

He’s built his reputation demonstrating how data science can be applied to the real world by showcasing tools, techniques, and apps where data makes a difference.

Since 2012 he’s been helping his company develop Data Science platforms that process and analyse INSANE amounts of data every day - working with nuts and bolts of data science, big data platform design, and data engineering techniques.

I’m talking about everything from figuring out how to ingest and process that data to finding effective ways of storing it so that the Data Scientists in his organization are enabled to do awesome work and deliver a gewaltig (that's German for tremendous!) amount of value for their customers.

You might know him from LinkedIn where he selflessly shares his passion for data engineering and data science by providing his audience with tips, tricks, and tools that help build their career and reputation so that they too can become awesome data professionals.

His content around Data Engineering has even led to him being voted as one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices for Data Science and Analytics two years running!

You might also know him from his blog, podcast, or YouTube Channel - the Plumbers of Data Science - which by the way has more than 11,000 subscribers and over 150,000 views!

So please help me in welcoming our guest today, the original plumber of data science - Andreas Kretz!

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