Alistair Croll

Special guest

Our guest today is an author, analyst, and entrepreneur.

He spends most of his time finding the interesting stories of how technology and society intersect.

He’s known for founding Coradiant; the Strata conference; Year One Labs; and writing Lean Analytics. Recently, he’s been teaching a class on data science and critical thinking at Harvard Business School.

A product manager by trade, he’s launched five major conferences, including O'Reilly's Strata, the International Startup Festival, the FWD50 digital government event, and Cloud Connect.

Until recently he spent a lot of time on planes, speaking about data science, innovation, scaling startups, digital government, AI, and applying critical thinking to technology.

But he’s spent the last month trying to understand the future of public events—partly because he managed to break his leg during a pandemic.

So please, help me in welcoming our guest today—a man who tries to mitigate chronic ADD by thinking about far too many things at the same time—Alistair Croll!

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