Alison Grade

Special guest

Our guest today is an award-winning entrepreneur and freelancer who is skilled at transforming creative concepts into business reality.

She accomplishes this through various mediums, including films, mentorship, and the written word.

During her career, she’s produced over 7,000 minutes of film and television and has worked on everything from documentaries to feature films.

She’s been a professional freelancer all her career - who fully understands that you want to make your career work for you, on your terms, and determined by your own definition of success.

She’s consolidated her experience and expertise into a guidebook which talks you through absolutely everything that you need to know to start your successful self-employed life.

Her book helps up-and-coming freelancers get their bearings straight from day one, helping you develop your personal brand, pick up the financial essentials, grow your client base, manage your work - life balance, negotiate deals, and value your time as you become more established.

So please, help me in welcoming our guest today - author of the Penguin best selling book: The Freelance Bible - Alison Grade!

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