Alex Pang, PhD

Special guest

Our guest today is a futurist who studies people, technologies, and the worlds they make.

With an academic training in history and sociology of science he blends history, anthropology, and sociology plus ethnography, interviews, historical case studies, and literary analysis to understand users and their worlds.

For the past two decades he’s worked as a technology forecaster and futurist, helping companies understand new technologies and global trends, and their strategic and business implications.

He’s the founder of Strategy and Rest, a consulting company in Silicon Valley, and a visiting academic at Stanford University.

He’s also an author, having written books such as REST: WHY YOU GET MORE DONE WHEN YOU WORK LESS, The Distraction Addiction and has written for Slate, Wired, Atlantic Monthly, and Scientific American.

So please help me in welcoming our guest today - author of SHORTER: WORK BETTER, SMARTER AND LESS - Dr. Alex Pang!

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