Alex Lim

Special guest

Our guest today is an experienced data professional with software engineering skills, sharp business acumen, and a curious economic mindset.

His first introduction to machine learning was during his senior year at NYU, and ever since then he’s been hooked by the endless value machine learning can provide to businesses and people around the world.

He’s inspired by data’s innate ability to impact several aspects of our lives, and has used that as a driving force to create projects with one main purpose: leveraging machine learning to solve real world problems.

He’s a graduate of the prestigious New York University in New York City where he’s earned Bachelors degrees in both Economics and Computer Science.

His work experience includes a two year run at the Hudson Medical Group - where he contributed value as a technology analyst for a growing multi-speciality practice, writing software and providing analysis to leverage data-based solutions.

Currently he’s working as a Data Analyst at Cadent in NYC - where he is helping the Analytics team build applications and programs to automate quality assurance and aggregation of data.

So please help me in welcoming our guest today - one of the brightest students I’ve had the honor of mentoring - Alex Lim!

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