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November 12th, 2021

1 hr 2 mins 41 secs

Season 18

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Memorable Quotes from the Episode:

[00:42:51] "So I think everything needs to start on the business side first, so ideally, that's very clear for everybody where the business with a five year plan, if you will, for the business is so that anything else is a strategy to support that plan, right? Otherwise, it's kind of just wishful thinking. If if you want to go to Mars from a Data perspective, how can you create models for the company to be able to do that? But then if the company doesn't want to get there, then it's pointless. So that's why it's you need a business to take that first step."

Highlights of the Show:

[00:01:29] Guest Introduction.

[00:02:53] Where you grew up and what it was like there?

[00:04:02] What did you think your future was going to look like at the age of 15?

[00:08:2] What was the nudge that got you into Data? What was the experience that you had that made you realize that Data was right for you as a great teacher?

[00:09:45] As data scientist, machine learning practitioners, we're end users of the data, right?

[00:12:22] What the heck is Data governance?

[00:14:26] Responsibilities of a data analyst.

[00:15:47-00:15:50] Can anybody be a data steward? What does a data steward mean?

[00:19:33] Metadata, master data, what are those? What do they have to do with data governance?

[00:22:19] Why should Data scientists care about these types of data?

[00:23:48] Discuss data governance in action in the workplace.

[00:27:28] When you say business driver, what does that mean?

[00:29:1] So what is the goal of the organization at a high level?

[00:30:02] What are your concerns around data governance or is there kind of a a business way to ask the question so that we can translate it into our own lingo?

[00:31:06] Why is it so painful to get to have the report or access them from a dashboard in a timely fashion?

[00:33:14] What would be the types of individuals that we would want to see on the council?

[00:35:11] What are the biggest challenges you foresee her facing when he's starting out a Data strategy at this massive organization?

[00:37:05] What can Stephen King teach us about Data governance?

[00:38:41] What are Data Management and other such principles? How do we identify these principles?

[00:41:18] What does Data strategy have to do with helping us get ahead in our Data careers?

[00:42:24] How can we help our organizations define a data strategy if we find ourselves in this position of having to to build a Data strategy?

[00:43:30] Are there any blueprints that exist to help create a Data strategy?

[00:44:24] What the heck are the maturity models like?

[00:45:48] Can we have the George tech and maturity model? Does that exist?

[00:50:37] What is the difference between data scientists and data analysts?

[00:53:33] Does data governance care about unstructured data or is it only about structured data; how's that?

[00:54:32] It's 100 years in the future. What do you want to be remembered for?

[00:54:59] When do you think the first video to hit one billion views on YouTube will happen, and what will it be about?

[00:55:55] What do most people think within the first few seconds of meeting you for the first time?

[00:56:46] What are you currently reading?

[00:56:46] What are you currently reading?

[00:58:13] Pet peeves?

[00:58:44] What's on your bucket list this year?

[01:00:35] Do you ever sing when you're alone?

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