Your Job Doesn't Define YOU | Eleanor Tweddell


April 30th, 2021

1 hr 11 mins 36 secs

Season 11

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Eleanor comes on the show to help us reframe how losing your job could be the best thing that ever happened to you.

She’s got 23 years of corporate experience working for brands like Costa, RAC, Virgin Atlantic, Vodafone, in functions ranging from sales, to leadership development and corporate communications.





[00:13:04] "What will be, will be. That's all you can do. All you can do is the best thing. And one of the turning points for me was not to attach to outcomes."

[00:17:49] "Don't get too hung up about if this is the right career move, if things aren't quite working in your way, play with things."


[00:01:51] Guest introduction

[00:02:58] We learn about Eleanor and where’s from

[00:05:19] How different is your life now than what you had imagined it would be?

[00:06:01] Why Eleanor wrote a book about why losing your job can be the best thing that ever happened to you

[00:07:34] What tips can you share with the audience to help manage that initial shock of losing their job and not spiral downwards into despair?

[00:12:04] How to handle the stress of anticipation when you’re waiting to hear back from a job offer

[00:14:28] Control what you can during the job search process, ignore the rest

[00:17:08] How to move from being stunned into inaction and start taking action

[00:19:45] It’s OK to wallow, here’s how to do it productively

[00:21:50] Flip your mind!

[00:24:16] You’re gonna say GOOD

[00:26:49] Why is it good to get out of the comfort zone and into this space that you talk about in your book called The Stretch Zone and the Stress Zone?

[00:29:47] How to move past the paralysis of having so much to do

[00:32:09] Start with WHY

[00:35:21] Decide-o-phobia

[00:36:39] Create a plan to be unstuck

[00:40:43] How to answer the “Tell me about yourself” question

[00:43:37] The dream job matrix

[00:46:33] How to talk about why you’re making a career transition

[00:48:39] What are some key elements of a good LinkedIn profile?

[00:53:19] What's the LinkedIn dilemma?

[00:57:06] The mindset that we need to thrive.

[01:00:59] It’s 100 years in the future, what do you want to be remembered for?

[01:02:17] The Random Round

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