AI Through The Ages | Djamila Amimer, PhD


July 20th, 2020

55 mins 30 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

On this episode of The Artists of Data Science, we get a chance to hear from Djimila Amimer, an experienced business leader and entrepreneur with a broad range of experience across multiple domains.

She is the CEO and founder of Mindsenses Global, a management consultancy specializing in artificial intelligence with a mission to help businesses and organizations apply A.I. and unlock its full potential.

Djimila shares with us her journey into the field of A.I, and some of the concerns she sees the field facing within the next few years, along with the applications of A.I. expanding to other businesses and organizations.

She also highlights important soft skills everyone should develop, and advice for women in tech.

This episode is packed with tips from an expert in A.I.!


[8:32] Biggest concerns for data scientists within the next few years

[16:56] Ethical concerns that data scientists should understand with general A.I

[21:24] How A.I. can help in the fight against COVID-19

[27:10] Djimila’s work with Mindsenses Global

[32:42] Advice on how to become an entrepreneur


[33:17] “...your journey is going to be lonely. So you have to have a lot of resilience to be able to sustain yourself and you grow your business…”

[34:02] “I believe that if you want to do it, if you really, really want to and you believe in will succeed no matter what…”

[35:28] “…you have to be able to adapt to a changing environment.”






[00:01:21] Introduction for our guest today

[00:03:15] Talk to us a bit about how you got involved with the field of artificial intelligence, what drew you to the field?

[00:03:48] Where do you see the field of A.I. headed to the next two to five years? What do you think is going to be the next wave of A.I.?

[00:05:09] A historical tour through the three waves of A.I.

[00:07:07] What do you think separates the great Data scientists from the good ones?

[00:08:26] What do you think are going to be some of the biggest concerns that a Data scientist will face in the next two to five years?

[00:10:13] Narrow AI, General AI, and the future of AI

[00:16:43] The ethical concerns Data scientists will face as AI evolves

[00:21:19] How can AI be used to help us fight this Covid-19 pandemic?

[00:24:57] Do you think that we could use AI and machine learning to identify or at least predict the next pandemic?

[00:25:30] Which one of your research works do you think is most relevant to our current times and can you maybe make the connection for us?

[00:27:02] A deep diver into the work that Dr. Amimer does at Mind Sense Global

[00:32:28] Tips for anyone who is thinking of becoming an entrepreneur

[00:33:44] How to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset

[00:35:32] Data science entrepreneurship opportunities in the COVID world

[00:38:05] The soft skills you need to standout

[00:41:13] How can a student with nothing but a laptop and an Internet connection to use AI for good?

[00:44:22] Advice for women in STEM

[00:46:11] What can the Data community do to foster the inclusion of women in STEM?

[00:48:27] What's the one thing you want people to learn from your story?

[00:49:12] The lightning round

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