Improve Your Analytics with Predictive Data | Dave Kelly


March 11th, 2021

1 hr 4 mins 24 secs

Season 10

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Dave started his career in 1995 at Equifax, and has since gone on to start two successful companies: Sigma Analytics in 1997 (which was acquired by Merkle) and AnalyticsIQ in 2006.

AnalyticsIQ is a dynamic, fast-growing Marketing Data and Predictive Analytics company that is focused on providing innovative consumer data and analytics solutions.

AnalyticsIQ is actively hiring, checkout the open positions here:

Get your hands on a sample dataset which has 500 rows and 50 features, perfect for doing an EDA project. Or some unsupervised learning. Check it out here:

Connect with Dave:




Shoutout to Dave and the team for sponsoring this episode, it means a lot to be supported by a company with such an awesome culture and leader.

If you're interested in having your organization highlighed in an episode, reach out to me at: [email protected]


[00:01:32] Guest introduction

[00:03:07] We learn about where Dave’s from

[00:04:58] What Dave thought his future would look like

[00:06:08] We geek out over our mutual love of astronomy

[00:07:03] Astronomy books that Dave recommends

[00:07:42] What is database marketing and how did you become interested in it?

[00:09:03] What is compiled data?

[00:09:44] How did you start AnalyticsIQ? What was the opportunity you saw in the market and how did that spark the idea for starting this company?

[00:10:51] What’s the mission of AnalyticsIQ?

[00:12:13] How do you create these data sets?

[00:14:56] What’s the change you want to see through your work at AnalyticsIQ?

[00:16:58] How do you see data scientists working inside of larger companies benefit from using external data sources?

[00:18:23] How AnalyticsIQ is using cognitive behavioral science to create their data sets

[00:20:10] Working with survey data

[00:21:44] How to structure questions so that people give valuable answers

[00:23:09] What’s so unique about the PeopleCore dataset?

[00:24:52] How big is this data set?

[00:25:51] How having external and survey data can benefit businesses in a pandemic

[00:26:52] Pandemic personas?

[00:29:05] How do we make sure that Data is managed in a safe way so that we're protecting privacy?

[00:30:57] How can we use data for good?

[00:32:43] How can somebody who's armed with nothing but a laptop use data and analytics for good?

[00:36:37] Some examples for how you can help your local community using your data skills

[00:43:39] Do you have any advice or tips for anyone who's toying with the idea of entrepreneurship?

[00:46:07] What do you see as some problems worth tackling that maybe an enterprising analytics professional can seize?

[00:48:00] Dave’s philanthropic work

[00:49:51] It is one hundred years in the future. What do you want to be remembered for?

[00:50:50] The Random Round

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