Your Beliefs Aren't Reality | Dave Gray


May 28th, 2021

1 hr 12 mins 16 secs

Season 12

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Dave is a possibilitarian who believes that anything is possible. And if he thinks something that he wants is impossible, he will devise an experiment to test that assumption.




[00:04:09] "I think one of the things that surprised me the most is that I was able to somehow find a way through creativity to be financially successful. Which I never somehow never really expected."

[00:07:09] "People tend to use the word creative as a way to describe a kind of a personality trait. Oh, I'm creative. She's creative. He's creative. That's a creative person. And I think there's a lot of connotations that go with that creative meaning...But when you think about what the word creation means, to create something is to bring something new into the world...So creation is the process by which we bring new things into the world that weren't there before. And I think everyone has the potential within them to do that in different ways. "

[00:13:21] "Well, reality is unknowable, right? In some way, we all have different experiences of reality. Each one of us has a unique set of experiences, but none of us can know all all of reality."

[00:21:30] "Liminal thinking is being cultivating a mindset where you can find those thresholds, stand on those thresholds between one thing and another."


[00:01:36] Guest introduction

[00:02:54] We learn about Dave’s background

[00:03:57] How different is life now than what you had imagined it would be?

[00:04:46] What was your journey like to now?

[00:05:30] Was there a particular experience that helped you develop this philosophy around creativity?

[00:06:53] How would you define creativity and how can somebody who doesn't see themselves as a creative individual tap into the creativity that they have naturally?

[00:08:38] How to “connect the dots”

[00:09:39] What do you think is the difference between science and art?

[00:11:43] So in science, we kind of have like that the scientific method. Do you think there's a method to creativity? Can creativity be systematized?

[00:12:44] What is a belief and how is a belief different from reality?

[00:16:12] Can we make sense of the world without beliefs?

[00:19:43] What is liminal thinking?

[00:23:46] How do we create beliefs?

[00:30:36] What are some pitfalls of mistaking belief for reality that you've seen play out organizations?

[00:35:10] Self-sealing logic

[00:39:58] The pyramid of beliefs

[00:42:53] The loopiness of your belief system

[00:46:07] Should we test to falsify our beliefs?

[00:51:43] Johari Window

[00:53:50] Check your cognitive blind spots

[00:55:26] Try on different beliefs

[00:57:13] How can we use storytelling to understand people's beliefs?

[01:00:39] How can we use stories to help persuade people to buy into our ideas?

[01:04:21] How can we make sure that we're not asking questions in such a way that we're almost setting up the response to get an answer that will conform to what we want to hear?

[01:08:03] It is one hundred years in the future: What do you want to be remembered for?

[01:08:23] The Random Round

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