The People's Data Scientist | Danny Ma


April 29th, 2022

1 hr 20 mins 26 secs

Season 19

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[00:34:25] "I think in general, just we should really be out there to help others instead of trying to help ourselves in a way. Like I know of a few larger names who the social media presence is, their business, essentially. And I know that's really important. Like everyone has to make money, feed their families, buy all the things that they need in life and all that aspirational sort of things. But in a sense, like for me, like I don't know if this is this might be similar for you as well."

Hightlights of the show:

[00:00:40] Guest Introduction

[00:02:32] Where you grew up and what it was like there.

[00:03:57] What's life in Sydney been like for you? Have you come to North America? Have you done a compare and contrast that what's different and what's the same?

[00:06:20] What kind of kid were you during high school and what did you think your future would look like?

[00:10:35] You and I somehow came from a similar type of background, having a kind of walk that actuarial path we're entering into this data science kind of field. Tell us what was your experience like with those exams.

[00:12:52] What was it about kind of doing that actuarial work that made you want to leave it behind and move to this data thing?

[00:18:13] How did you figure out that what it was that you needed to figure out in order to make it in this field?

[00:22:43] How do you try to ensure that you've got as fresh a perspective as possible? Do you even need a fresh perspective as possible? What are your thoughts on that?

[00:29:14] We're just talking about what it means to be a data science influencer. What are your thoughts on what it means to be a a data science influencer?

[00:32:57] Do we have an influencer quality - What responsibility do we have to these people that are following us?

[00:36:51] What do you consider the difference to be between coaching and mentorship?

[00:39:27] How can somebody go and go about finding a mentor?

[00:43:07] What elements can you take and apply to this new thing that you want to do in the essence of creativity as well as finding different things that on the surface of it don't look like they belong together. But when you put them together, it actually gels quite nicely.

[00:44:40] Do you have any tips on on how I can be a better mentor?

[00:53:09] Talk to us abouth the love of SQL. How did this happen? Is this something that you've always just enjoyed? Has SQL always been your favorite part of the entire data science ecosystem? How this deep, deep love of SQL happened?

[00:57:23] Can we draw the line between a data analyst and a data scientist?

[01:08:32] What's your take on the importance of taking action on an idea you have in your mind there?

[01:12:00] It is 100 years in the future, what do you want to be remembered for?

[01:13:01] At what point did your meme game get so dank?

[01:15:21] What are you currently reading?

[01:17:05] What song do you currently have on repeat or stuck in your head?

Random Round

[01:18:00] Who inspires you to be better?

[01:18:09] What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

[01:18:15] Who is one of your best friends?

[01:18:29] If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be?

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