How to Find Your Ikigai | Daniel Bourke


April 8th, 2020

57 mins 16 secs

Season 1

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There's no way you can't be hype after this conversation.

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[02:24] The introduction for our guest

[04:05] Daniel walks us down the path that led him to data science and machine learning and ties it all back to his Ikigai.

[06:05] How the movie Robot Man inspired him to code.

[06:49] Daniel talks to us about how he used to work as an Apple Genius and preferred a customer facing role, and how that experience led to him developing his first app

[09:41] How Siraj Raval got him excited about machine learning and his experiences learning to code in Python for the first time through a Udacity Nanodegree

[14:00] Where Daniel thinks the field of data science and machine learning is headed in the next two to five years.

[16:15] Daniel talks about what is going to seperate the great data scientists from the merely good ones in the future he is imagining. He also talks about the struggles of shiny object syndrome that all engineers face and how to approach your work like a craftsman.

[19:22] We discuss if data science is an art or a science, how it can be both depending on how you're expressing yourself.

[21:11] How Danies expresses himself artistically using data science.

[22:16] What it's like when he's being scientific with it.

[23:04] How Daniel started on his #100DaysOfCode journey.

[25:00] He talks about his favorite day during the challenge.

*[25:54] * Daniel shares some tips for our listeners that they can implement today to help them along in their upskilling process.

[26:53] How to be a fan of yourself by putting your soul into the work that you're doing.

[29:07] How to find a mentor for yourself, how to be a mentor to yourself, and things a good mentor does and doesn't do.

[34:09] How a good mentor plants a seed in your mind, and doesn't just give you the answer.

[37:30] Why it's OK to suck at the beginning, and how to navigate through that suck phase

[39:18] Why you shouldn't compare progress on a day to day basis, but give youself a long enough timeframe so that a meaningful comparison can be made.,

[42:03] How to navigate the myriad courses out there, find some that will work for you, and design your own "Masters" program.

[46:50] How to build enough of a foundation in the basics, and then apply what you learn on top of that using the weekend project principle.

[47:39] Why your certificates don't really mean much without a project.

[49:16] The one thing Daniel wants everyone to learn from his story.

[50:24] We jump into our lightning round - Python or R

[50:43] Daniel talks about some books that he recommends and his biggest takeaways from them

[53:07] Daniel describes his morning routine

[54:32] Daniel tells us the best advice that he's ever recieved - it's from his dad.

[55:55] Daniel lets us know how we can connect with him and where we can find him online

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