Comet ML Office Hours 7 - 21MAR2021


March 25th, 2021

1 hr 10 mins 58 secs

Season 10

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Comet provides a self-hosted and cloud-based meta machine learning platform allowing data scientists and teams to track, compare, explain and optimize experiments and models. Backed by thousands of users and multiple Fortune 100 companies, Comet provides insights and data to build better, more accurate AI models while improving productivity, collaboration and visibility across teams.

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[00:00:52] To specialize, or to generalize?

[00:05:04] What is the specific skill that you decided double down on?

[00:07:12] Talking about combining skills

[00:09:56] At the end of the day most data scientists are end users of Data

[00:10:32] The challenges of implementing a data strategy

[00:12:29] What does Data storytelling mean?

[00:13:46] The pains of data strategy

[00:17:24] The different flavors of data scientists

[00:22:28] What does a research data scientist do?

[00:24:45] Is MLOps a good direction to go if you’re not the best coder out there?

[00:29:13] Wait, hold on a second what is MLOps anyway?

[00:32:29] What's the biggest challenge you've come across during your whole career in data? What are the little hacks you've learned along the way?

[00:42:26] What were the hang ups that that you came across, where you felt like if you tackle this early on would have made your life easier?

[00:52:00] How do you deal with proving yourself once you're in a new company?

[01:01:46] From insights to implementation

[01:06:10] Conveying business from your projects

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