Comet ML Office Hour 18 | 13JUN2021


June 17th, 2021

1 hr 14 mins 49 secs

Season 13

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Comet provides a self-hosted and cloud-based meta machine learning platform allowing data scientists and teams to track, compare, explain and optimize experiments and models.

Backed by thousands of users and multiple Fortune 100 companies, Comet provides insights and data to build better, more accurate AI models while improving productivity, collaboration and visibility across teams.

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[00:00:58] Community member Marin talks about his journey transitioning into data science.

[00:03:17] Marin talks about why he was scared to embark upon his job search journey

[00:06:11] What were some of your challenges as you were making this transition?

[00:10:37] The failure of networking

[00:16:04] How do you maintain your focus and not just get off track?

[00:28:31] Harpreet realizes that the advice he has just given comes from a privileged position and talks about how he maintained focus and momentum when he was on the journey to BECOMING a data scientist.

[00:34:15] Asha describes “The Steve Jobs Syndrome”

[00:37:03] How to go about finding a job and using LinkedIn effectively

[00:42:17] Mark comes by and we discuss his desire to get on the speaker circuit

[00:44:32] Mark talks about his experience as a data scientist at startups

[00:52:35] Mark talks about how he keeps his momentum up

[00:56:14] Community member Chris asks a question around how much he should know about cloud SQL databases

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