Comet ML Office Hours 12 - 02MAY2021


May 6th, 2021

1 hr 12 mins 57 secs

Season 11

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About this Episode

The best Comet Office Hour Session to date! Wow - we're picking up steam on Sundays. Be sure to tune into this one, some great conversation and discussions.

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[00:01:40] How to gain skill in data science

[00:07:39] Where can we find data for a project?

[00:09:44] Data science project ideas using open data

[00:12:59] Sharing code with potential hiring managers and using good frameworks for projects

[00:17:01] Do tiny projects to gain skill

[00:19:16] A community member shares her experience learning data science while coming from a non-technical background

[00:26:11] How do I do “research and stuff”?

[00:31:43] Why you need to ask questions and not just go off and do things

[00:35:27] Docker, Kubernetes, and Clouds…oh my! What does this have to do with data science? (I provide several non-satisfactory explanations)

[00:45:06] What do I need to study?!

[00:52:31] Networking

[00:53:52] Resume review

[01:05:50] What tools do I need to know for data science?

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