Storytelling and Public Speaking Tips | Brenden Kumarsamay


October 19th, 2020

58 mins 23 secs

Season 6

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Brenden is passionate about helping others achieve rocket level success.

He lives by the philosophy that when you care about serving others and aim to add value to people’s lives, you’ll be able to overcome any fear or obstacle in your path.

This philosophy has led to him coaching purpose driven entrepreneurs on how to master their message and share their ideas with the world.


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[00:05:00] "Everyone seems to ask themselves what they're passionate about. And I think that is a stupid question. And let me explain why."

[00:07:04] "There are a lot of people who know how to crunch numbers but don't know how to explain them back to people in a way that can be philosophically transformative in people's lives."

[00:08:14] "Public speaking is a skill that anyone can master, but very few people do because it's the hardest skill to hold yourself accountable to."

[00:12:33] "The secret is there is no secret in the sense that if you think you're able to engage your audience from the first time you present something, you're wrong. "

[00:18:29] "But if you talk to your audience and just ask yourself the simple question, what are you trying to achieve here? You're trying to help them take a first step. You're trying to get the introverted data scientist to say, hey, you have an idea to share."

[00:21:27] "We're taught to believe that public speaking is a chore. Public speaking is a responsibility and obligation. "

[00:32:43] "If you want to stand out in general, you need to be able to tell a story with that data. And by story, I don't mean storytelling going in all this persona's stuff. I mean structuring your ideas in a way that makes sense to a fifth grader who doesn't understand Data science."


[00:01:35] Introduction for our guest today

[00:02:47] How Brenden paved his own lane

[00:04:36] How Brenden decided that his mission is to help people be better public speakers

[00:08:04] The “Public Speaking Why”

[00:09:49] How would the world change if you were an exceptional communicator?

[00:10:56] What's the difference between just talking and speaking?

[00:12:16] How do we present information in a way that will get our audience excited and get them excited to hear us share our ideas with them and with the world?

[00:15:41] How do the best speakers in the world design presentations for maximum effect?

[00:19:18] Change your mindset about public speaking

[00:23:18] An exercise for improving your public speaking (I give Brenden a random word and he makes a speech on the spot).

[00:27:05] How important is writing when preparing for speaking?

[00:28:53] How can we become better storytellers?

[00:31:15] How can we identify personas in our audience

[00:33:57] How to communicate with executives

[00:37:06] How to make the most of networking events

[00:39:55] Tips to start becoming a better presenter, today!

[00:41:28] How to move from individual contributor to leadership

[00:43:58] Charity water

[00:48:35] What's the one thing you want people to learn from your story?

[00:50:52] The lightning round

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