The Data Girl | Ashley M. Scott


October 1st, 2020

1 hr 21 mins 50 secs

Season 6

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About this Episode

Ashley's a Data Analyst collaborating with administrators and medical professionals to develop impactful analysis utilizing data mining, visualizations, and modeling to drive business solutions.

She’s a passionate advocate for educating women regarding data career opportunities and spreading awareness about the advancement of women in the tech industry.

And she's a Forbes Under 30 Scholar!


[00:05:32] The importance of cultivating the right mindset

[00:17:04] Privacy, biometrics, and data

[00:25:03] How to become a Forbes under-30 scholar

[00:27:09] The unique experiences of a health care data analyst

[00:30:54] Bridinging the patient satisfaction gap with data

[00:43:57] Emotional intelligence in data science






[00:01:35] Introduction for our guest today

[00:02:49] The journey into analytics

[00:07:50] The data hype cycle

[00:11:09] How do you see data analytics impacting the health care industry in the next two to five years?

[00:17:04] Privacy, biometrics, and data

[00:21:24] What do you think will separate the great Data scientists from the merely good ones?

[00:25:03] How to become a Forbes under-30 scholar

[00:27:09] The unique experiences of a health care data analyst

[00:30:54] How is Data bridging the gap between medical education and patient satisfaction?

[00:32:51] Health care data analyst project ideas

[00:39:08] How to decide your data science career path

[00:43:57] Emotional intelligence in data science

[00:48:01] What are some common mistakes that you see people make when visualizing their data?

[00:50:37] Communicating with non-technical audience

[00:54:17] Openly communicate with your teammates

[00:56:26] Being a woman in data science

[00:59:12] The Women in Data Science organization

[01:05:26] Fostering inclusion of women in data science

[01:07:45] What's the one thing you want people to learn from your story?

[01:09:00] The lightning round

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