Data Science Needs People Like YOU | Angela Baltes, PhD


April 8th, 2020

25 mins 15 secs

Season 1

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Why diversity and inclusion is necessary in data scientist and why you shouldn't spend your time trying to "spot a fake data scientist".

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[2:32] The introduction for our guest today

[03:55] Angela walks us through her background and how he started off as a Criminology major, did some data projects, fell in love with the field, and then decided that data is what she wanted to pursue.

[05:32] She talks to us about the inspiration for doing the #100DaysOfCode challenge and how it helped combat imposter syndrome.

[07:15] Angela walks us through the process for planning out and executing on her undertaking of the #100DaysOfCode challenge.

[08:14] Angela tells us about her favorite day during the challenge.

[08:55] She then tells us about her least favorite day during the challenge

[10:14] Angela tells us how she stayed focused, disciplined, and maintained her execution during her #100DaysOfCode.

[11:08] She talk to us about emotional intelligence and why we, as data scientists, need to start incorporating soft skills into our toolkit

[12:52] Angela talks to us about some of the skills up-and-coming data scientists are missing and the importance of knowing your audience and how to present to them.

[15:43] She also shares some tips on how to network with people in LinkedIn

[16:53] She talks about including personalized messages with your request to connect.

[17:28] She shares some tips with us on how to present findings and how to develop projects that add business value and address the bottom line.

[18:51] Angela talks to us about being a woman in tech, why we need everyone in tech, and how our strength is in diversity.

[19:54] Angela shares with us how she finds fulfillment outside of work.

[20:54] Angela tells us the one thing she wants everyone to learn from her story.

[21:44] Jumping into the lightning round: Python or R?

[21:54] Angela tells us what her favorite algorithm is

[22:19] We also learn the title of her PhD dissertation

[22:27] She also shares her favorite data visualization tool with us

[23:05] We learn what her data science superpower is

[23:31] She shares the title of her favorite machine learning book

[23:46] The largest data set that she's worked with

[24:15] Angels lets us know where we can find her and how we can connect with her

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