How to become a data engineer | Andreas Kretz


April 8th, 2020

25 mins 5 secs

Season 1

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One of LinkedIn's Top Voices in Data Science and Analytics for two years in a row (2018 and 2019) stops by the show to talk about his journey into data engineering, why you dozens of data science certificates are meaningless, and how you can become a data engineer!

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[02:20] The introduction for our guest today

[04:16] Andreas talks to us about how he got into the world of data science

[05:58] The importance of having both engineers and data scientists on your data science team, and why you need both to really be successful.

[06:35] Andreas talks to us about his upcoming book - The Data Engineering Cookbook

[07:57] What his creative process is like for writing the book, and the differences and similarities between that and doing a data science project.

[09:56] Andreas shares he views on the value of certificates

[11:54] Andreas takes us through a workflow for creating a data engineering project and how you can build one for your portfolio.

[14:47] We talk about his new coaching and mentoring platform and what he is aiming to accomplish and achieve with that. We also talk more details for building out a data engineering project.

[17:21] More details on his coaching platform and what he wants students to gain from going through the program

[19:56] Jump into to the lightning round here. Python or R?

[21:02] What cloud platform data engineers should start using : AWS or Azure?

[21:46] Self study or certificates?

[21:53] Favorite big data tool?

[22:09] His favorite question to ask during an interview

[23:14] The weirdest question he's been asked in an interview

[23:41] How you can connect with Andreas and where you can find him online

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