Scrum for Data Science Teams | Amit Jain


April 8th, 2020

30 mins 51 secs

Season 1

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Software engineer turned machine learning engineer talks about the challenges of taking research into production, as well as what it means to be a leader in data science, the importance of staying humble, and how to handle scrum on data science teams.

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[02:22] The introduction for our guest today

[03:57] Amit talks to us about his journey from software engineering into data science and machine learning and touches on some of the challenges that he faced along the way and how he overcame them

[08:18] He discusses some of the challenges he's seen freshers confront when taking something from proof of concept into production

[10:54] How freshers can gain an intuition behind the data and the models they are building so that they can deliver business value

[13:57] We talk about the challenges of monitoring model performance post-production

[15:28] How agile methodology plays out on data science teams and the difference he's seen between its implementation in software enginerring and data teams

[17:57] How to navigate the ambiguity of data science projects

[19:56] What are some steps that someone can take to go from expiring data scientists to, to a data science or machine learning team lead?

[22:38] The essential skills that are need that so individuals can be and remain successful as either a data scientist or a machine learning engineer

[24:25] Some characteristics that he is looking for in a up and coming data

[25:29] Apart from your stunning technical skills, what are some qualities you feel have contributed to your success a machine learning engineer?

[26:31] The one thing that he wants people to learn from his story

[26:48] Let's go ahead and jump into our lightning rounds. Python or R?

[27:05] What's your favorite algorithm

[27:39] What's a book that every data scientist or machine learning engineer should read?

[27:51] His favorite question to ask an interviewee in a job interview

[28:32] The stranges question he's been asked in a job interview

[29:25] Amit lets us know how we can connect with him and where we can find him online

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