Freelancing for Data Scientists | Alison Grade


September 14th, 2020

57 mins 10 secs

Season 5

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Living life on your own time and terms is a goal that many of us have. Alison Grade comes by the show to share her insight into how Freelancing can help you achieve this goal. She's the author of the Penguin best-selling book The Freelance Bible and shares a wealth of information with us to help get us started on the freelance journey.


"The key thing about being a freelancer is that... you are in charge of your destiny. You're not waiting for someone to say, please do this...But with that comes huge autonomy because you can work where you like, when you like." [00:06:57]

"I always start by asking what's in it for me to do this for nothing? So I would only do something for nothing if it was delivering value for me. " [00:21:03]

"The times when I've broken my own rule, it's always been a pain in the ass because they don't value me." [00:23:01]

"You've got to be self-motivated. You've got to just get out of bed and want to get on with it. If you're waiting for someone to tell you what to do you need to think about how do you change that. Because either it's really not suited to you or what you're looking at doing is just not motivating you. You know, you've got to you've got to have fire in the belly for go to want to do it." [00:31:32]






[00:01:31] Introduction for our guest

[00:04:04] What are some of the documentaries and feature films that you've worked on that perhaps our audience might have heard of?

[00:05:09] How COVID will affect the movie and theater industry

[00:06:45] What does being a freelancer mean?

[00:08:51] I-shaped versus T-shaped people

[00:10:56] The Three C’s analysis

[00:15:01] What can we do to make sure that we're pricing our services adequately?

[00:19:30] How to determine your baseline rate for freelancing

[00:20:52] Is there ever a situation where we should work for free?

[00:23:15] Doing free work to build your portfolio

[00:24:32] How can we make sure that we're getting the most out of our client meetings?

[00:26:24] How can we clearly identify the problem that our client is trying to solve

[00:28:33] So where do you see the future of freelancing headed in the next two to five years?

[00:30:03] How do you think technology will impact freelancers in the next two to five years?

[00:31:20] What do you think are some key traits that you think someone who wants to become a full-fledged entrepreneur should be cultivating within themselves?

[00:33:26] Is there a difference between freelancing and entrepreneurship, or can those terms be used a bit interchangeably?

[00:34:38] What would you say is the difference between the freelancer mindset and the entrepreneur mindset, having been on both kind of sides of the field?

[00:35:51] What's the importance of building a personal brand as a freelancer? And how can someone build a personal brand for themselves?

[00:37:50] Using Dunbar’s number to your advantage

[00:40:10] How can we leverage networking events

[00:42:47] Being a woman entrepreneur and freelancer

[00:44:43] What's the one thing you want people to learn from your story?

[00:45:39] The Random Round

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