How to Crush Your Interviews | Alex Lim


April 8th, 2020

25 mins 4 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

A mock interview with a rising star of our industry.

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[02:33] The introduction for the episode and our guest today

[04:23] Alex tells us about the path that led him to data science and machine learning as a career choice

[05:22] Alex tells us about the inspiration behind one of this data science projects

[06:46] He then walks us through the plan of attack for coming up with a strategy for executing on his project.

[07:48] Alex goes into detail about struggles he had to face kind of sourcing data, organizing his thoughts, the project structure, how he overcome these challenges

[08:47] He walk us through his post application protocol for getting interviews

[09:51] Some tips on how to find the right people in an organization to reach out to

[11:10] Alex goes through, in detail, the challenges he faced in the job search, how many interviews he went on, and how he kept his head right during rejections.

[13:13] Alex shares some books and some advice for cultivating the right mindset to navigate you through the job search ups and downs.

[14:23] We start off the mock interview portion with the first question usually asked in an interview: Tell me about yourself.

[15:50] Can you describe a time when you had to deal with competing priorities or competing deadlines?

[16:42] What would you say is the most difficult type of person to deal with and how do you deal with that type of person?

[17:50] Can you walk me through your discovery process when you're starting a new project?

[19:10] Alex tells us the formula he uses to come up with such well crafted responses to commonly asked interview questions

[21:04] Alex talks to us about his process for coming up with questions to ask during an interview

[21:56] The one thing Alex wants us to learn from his story

[22:31] Jumping into the lightning round:Python or R?

[22:44] What's a book every data scientist should read?

[23:00] His favorite question to ask the interviewer in a job interview?

[23:40] His view on certifications and self-directed learning

[24:15] Alex let's us know how we can connect with him and where we can find him online

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