The Year of Data - 2021 Rewind


December 24th, 2021

39 mins 23 secs

Season 19

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00:00:31 Harpreet's Year End Message

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00:05:36 Clearer, Closer, Better | Emily Balcetis
00:06:30 Meditations on Power and Mastery | Robert Greene
00:08:09 Pulling the Grim Trigger | Kevin Zollman
00:08:27 Your Job Doesn't Define YOU | Eleanor Tweddell
00:08:45 Explainable Data Science | Denis Rothman
00:09:03 Choose Who You Become | Chase Caprio
00:09:24 Your Beliefs Aren't Reality | Dave Gray
00:09:58 How to build a Data Science Culture | John K Thompson
00:10:51 Data Science Thunder From Down Under | Steve Nouri
00:11:55 The Philosophy of Sentientism | Jamie Woodhouse
00:12:42 The Shape of Geometry | Jordan Ellenberg
00:13:09 Our Nearest Neighbour | Ken Jee
00:13:40 Learning How To Learn | Barbara Oakley
00:14:04 Skip the Line |James Altucher
00:14:20 How to think like a data science billionaire | John Sviokla
00:15:02 Do What You Love Doing | Lillian Pierson
00:15:46 The Tesstimony | Jonathan Tesser
00:16:33 The Fearless Factor | Jacqueline Wales
00:16:56 Simplify Complexity | David Benjamin
00:17:22 Cultivate Your Rest Ethic | Max Frenzel
00:17:51 The Complete Man | Purdeep Sangha
00:18:26 Tales of a Data Engineer | Dennis Will
00:18:47 Subliminal Motives | Eric Okon
00:19:12 Become a Pragmatic Data Scientist | Andy Hunt
00:20:10 Turn the Lights on Data | George Firican
00:20:47 Give Your Brain Some Space | Tiffany Shlain
00:21:52 Wellness for Data Professionals | Madison Schott
00:22:24 The Industrial Philosopher | Cristina Digiacomo
00:23:05 Turn Ideas into Gold | Steven Cardinale
00:23:37 NLP and Philosophy | Kourosh Alizedah
00:24:17 The Book of Why | Dana Mackenzie
00:24:49 The International Woman of Data - Christina Stathopoulos

The Happy Hours Recap

00:25:40 Question/Answer and Mentoring
00:26:26 What title should be written on the resume?
00:30:44 Sharing the hot seat with friends of the show!
00:31:38 What is the best way to break into research?
00:32:45 How to organize while working?
00:33:19 When will Linkedin content creators start making money?
00:33:47 What's up with the billion hours of YouTube video KPI?

Having Fun

00:36:07 Jeff Li's freestyle rap session!
00:36:56 Insights with Eric
00:37:45 What is the perspective of Data on social media?

00:38:58 Credits

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